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By Deanna Osborne

In Six Tails, Pat Postek writes inspirational stories to assist children, parents, and grandparents navigate life’s challenges with confidence and optimism. Each story embodies love, truth, and wisdom. All who read and hear these tales will be touched in a most profound way. —Deanna Osborne, Animal Lover and Marketing Professional

By Patricia Lynn Reilly

Six important life lessons form the centerpiece of Pat Postek’s first book Six Tails. Pat reveals the wisdom of a grandmother in her choice of dogs as the conveyors of these essential truths. Shining through each story is the author’s unconditional love for her grandchildren. —Patricia Lynn Reilly, Words Made Fleshwww.birthAbook.com

By Gloria Garrett

WOW!  Six Tails. I bought it for my grandson’s birthday and read it cover to cover myself before I wrapped it up. The stories are short and easy to read with an impactful lesson slipped into each one. Everyone will relate to these lovable pups and their adventures. Our children and grandchildren will benefit from the fun and positive support this book provides.—Gloria Garrett

By Carol Sooter

I purchased one copy of this book for my granddaughter, one to donate to her elementary school, and one for myself! Pat tells each dog’s story in such an imaginative and enchanting manner, and there’s an added bonus of a ‘life lesson’ in every chapter. I believe you’ll be captivated too when you read this book. Six Tails makes a wonderful gift for the special child in your life. —Carol Sooter

By Jancy Campbell

Six Tails is a delightful little guide on life for both children and adults. This book is well written, and presents life lessons that are easy and fun to read, and it’s advice is bound to be remembered by readers for years to come. I enjoy giving it to the parents of a new baby, to read to their child in the future. I’m sorry my own grandchildren are a bit too old . . . but then again, perhaps they’re not. As an adult, I loved reading it. —Jancy Campbell, www.coloradohomes.com/jancycampbell

By Sherrie Kachel

I bought five copies of Six Tails in late March thinking they’d last throughout the year as gifts. There is only one copy left and the year is far from over!! My friends have enjoyed reading the book to their grandchildren, more than once. The real-life lessons Pat Postek shares teach child and reader alike the importance of compassion, developing an open mind, and appreciating the opportunities and hopefulness each day brings. The fun illustrations only enhance the treasure of Six Tails. —Sherrie Kachel