My First Day of School

I moved from the country to the city this summer. Moving to the city created many changes in my life. The biggest change, besides moving, was starting at a new school. I was so nervous. My owner walked me to school this morning, but he didn’t stay with me. It’s wasn’t fun being in a strange place all by yourself when you don’t know anyone.

While I waited for my other classmates to arrive all sorts of thoughts raced through my mind. What if the class is too hard? What if I don’t like my teacher? What if she doesn’t like me? I wonder if anyone else felt that way, or was it just me.

When I walked into the classroom, my new teacher gave us a big smile, and that made me feel better. She looked so familiar to me, and then I remembered she was that nice lady from the dog park, Miss Flower.

Miss Flower introduced herself to the class, and explained all the new and exciting things we would be learning in her training class. She explained the obedience commands, and showed us how to move through an agility course. Agility is a fancy word for being able to move quickly and easily over obstacles.

I made a new friend today named, Fred. He makes me laugh. He has big, long ears and short, stubby legs. Between you and me, I think he will be the teacher’s biggest challenge.

My first day of school wasn’t so bad after all. I like my new teacher and made a new friend.

For the love of dog parks,

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