Meet The Dogs


Book: Bandit, The Chubby Chihuahua
Author: Pat Postek
Illustrator: Brad Davies

Introducing Bandit and Malcolm. The Main Characters and Their Lessons



The Chubby Chihuahua

A sweet story about the meaning of true friendship.

The Lesson: Friends show up in our lives just when we need them.  Some friends change our lives.

Excerpt: Since I met Malcolm, my life has changed.  I’m healthy.  I’m happy.  I have the greatest friend.




A Wise Orange Cat

A sweet story about the meaning of true friendship.

The Lesson: Friends do not have to look the same to help one another.  Good friends motivate and sometimes teach by example. 

Excerpt:  One day Malcolm walked to the fence and whispered, “Try the first opening again.”

So I did, and I squeezed through the fence..”

“What changed, Malcolm?”  I asked.

“You changed, Bandit.  You got lots of exercise looking for a new opening.

The next day I wiggled through the fence to visit Malcolm.  I headed for his back door and peeked inside.  He was eating breakfast very slowly.  He doesn’t eat fast like I do.






 Book: Six Tails
Author: Pat Postek
Illustrator: Sarah Tommer

The Main Characters and Their Lessons



The Wire Fox Terrier

A Story about Change
The Lesson: Just when we need it, a dog park turns up right around the corner.

Excerpt: Life was different for us in the city. We lived in a small apartment with no room to run and play. We weren’t used to all the big city noises—honking cars, screeching car brakes, loud sirens, and rumbling engines. Day after day I looked out of the living room window, watching the cars and trucks go by. I was bored and missed playing outside.




The Yorkshire Terrier

A Story about Love
The Lesson: Sometimes we lose our way.

Love always finds us and places us on the path again.

Excerpt: They walked to the back of the shelter where the dogs were kept. Connor spotted Frasier and ran to her cage. The receptionist could see how much they missed each other. She opened the cage door and Connor reached in. He held Frasier in his arms and told her how much he missed her. Her little eyes filled with tears.




The Golden Retriever

A Story about Life’s Surprises
Lesson: It’s okay to be different.

Excerpt: The instructor noticed how easily I became distracted and decided that I was not cut out to be a guide dog. She said, “A good guide dog must never get distracted because they have important work to do. Their main job is to help a blind person become more independent.” I was placed in an adoption program. Randy called Emily’s family because he knew how much fun I had at her house. Emily’s family picked me up the next day.



The Basenji

A Story about Accepting Yourself

The Lesson: We each have a special gift to give.
Excerpt: When Bentley walked back to his cage, the dogs gathered around him. One of the dogs said, “We know why Emma isn’t afraid of you. It’s because you can’t bark.” Bentley hung his head because he thought they were going to make fun of him. Instead they said, “Way to go, Bentley, that was a nice thing you did.” He wagged his tail and felt happy to be included again.




The Bassett Hound

A Story about Adventures
The Lesson: Follow your nose and explore your world.

Excerpt: He followed the smell of grilled hot dogs up the street. He kept his nose in the air as he sniffed. He knew he was getting closer because the hot dog smell got stronger. Smelling hot dogs made Fred hungry. Before he knew it, he was right in front of the Top Dog hot dog stand where people were standing in line to buy their lunches.




The Poodle

A Story about Favorite Relatives
The Lesson: When someone we love dies, our memories keep them close to us.

Excerpt: One day while we dressed for an outing, Lily stood on her hind legs and barked at Aunt Lil’s jewelry box. She seemed upset. She barked louder when I reached into the jewelry box for Aunt Lil’s strand of pearls. Papa and I couldn’t understand what was wrong with Lily.