I’m not Going to School

I overheard my family talking about me. They said they enrolled me in an obedience and agility class. Do you know what I say to that? I’m not going! This Bassett Hound doesn’t need obedience training and forget that agility stuff. If anybody knows how to move around obstacles, it’s me. I can escape out of my yard anytime I please…now that’s agility. They will have to drag me to class.

I heard the sound of the garage door open, and Mrs. Vogel saying, “Fred, time for school.” That’s when I hid behind the couch. The problem was she found me, and picked me up and put me in the car.

When we got to the school, she made me promise to be a good dog, and walked me inside.

My new teacher made me sit down beside a dog that had spots on one side of his body. Spots are cool.

The drive to school made me thirsty, so I walked across the room to get a drink of water. My new teacher was not happy with me, because I interrupted her class. Oh well!

The dog with the spots smiled at me as I walked back to where I was sitting. I wagged my tail.

My first day of school wasn’t too much fun, but I made a new friend.

Life is good,

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