Christmas Shopping


There are only six shopping days left until Christmas, and I still haven’t gotten gifts for my good friends, Lily, Cinco, Frasier, Fred and Bentley.  Christmas shopping should be easier this year, because I created a gift list.

Gift List:

– Lily – Red and Green Plaid Christmas Collar

– Cinco – Gift Card to the Spotty’s Doggie Diner

– Frasier – Gift Card to New Leash on Life Day Spa

– Fred – Extra Fuzzy Reindeer Antlers

– Bentley – Red Christmas sweater with lots of jingle bells

I planned to go shopping early Saturday morning, but mom wanted me to go with her to pick out a Christmas tree. 

Maybe Sunday would be a better day.  No, I can’t go on Sunday.  I like to play with my friends at the dog park on Sundays.  Since we don’t have class on Monday, I’ll go shopping Monday morning.   Yes, Monday it is.  

Which store should I go to first?   Most of the gifts can be bought at Mutts”N”Stuff, so I’ll go there first.   But “Spotty’s Doggie Diner” is on the way.  I wonder if they gift wrap at Mutts”N”Stuff?   If they don’t, I’ll have to buy wrapping paper.   Maybe I should go to “Bones for Less” first for the wrapping paper.  Christmas shopping is SO stressful.

Fondly focused,



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