Bandit, The Chubby Chihuahua

Meet The Newest Dog To Join The Pack!

Bandit’s Story is Now Available!

Bandit, the Chihuahua, was named by Jackson who adopted him from the animal shelter. Malcolm, the strange orange cat, befriends Bandit and welcomes him to the neighborhood. Bandit and Malcolm become true friends. Bandit’s life is changed forever by Jackson’s kindness and Malcolm’s wisdom. This adorable dog story teaches a valuable life lesson to children of all ages.






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“Bandit, The Chubby Chihuahua” is destined to be a classic with its universal story of friendship and well-being.  Once again Pat Postek uses an adorable dog story to share a valuable life lesson with kids of all ages.”  — Deanna Osborne, Marketing Professional








“In Pat Postek’s second book, she reveals the wisdom of a grandmother in her choice of Bandit and Malcolm to convey essential truths.  Shining through this story is the author’s unconditional love and celebration of animals and children!”  — Patricia Lynn Reilly, Author of Words Made Flesh






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