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Christmas Shopping


There are only six shopping days left until Christmas, and I still haven’t gotten gifts for my good friends, Lily, Cinco, Frasier, Fred and Bentley.  Christmas shopping should be easier this year, because I created a gift list.

Gift List:

– Lily – Red and Green Plaid Christmas Collar

– Cinco – Gift Card to the Spotty’s Doggie Diner

– Frasier – Gift Card to New Leash on Life Day Spa

– Fred – Extra Fuzzy Reindeer Antlers

– Bentley – Red Christmas sweater with lots of jingle bells

I planned to go shopping early Saturday morning, but mom wanted me to go with her to pick out a Christmas tree. 

Maybe Sunday would be a better day.  No, I can’t go on Sunday.  I like to play with my friends at the dog park on Sundays.  Since we don’t have class on Monday, I’ll go shopping Monday morning.   Yes, Monday it is.  

Which store should I go to first?   Most of the gifts can be bought at Mutts”N”Stuff, so I’ll go there first.   But “Spotty’s Doggie Diner” is on the way.  I wonder if they gift wrap at Mutts”N”Stuff?   If they don’t, I’ll have to buy wrapping paper.   Maybe I should go to “Bones for Less” first for the wrapping paper.  Christmas shopping is SO stressful.

Fondly focused,




Halloween is only a few days away.  It’s one of my favorite holidays, because you can dress up and be anything you want to be on that day.

 Every year our doggie daycare has a Halloween Party, and we can come dressed up in our favorite costumes.  Last year I came dressed as a pirate.  I had a patch over one eye and wore a lot of long, gold necklaces.  I also wore a silly pirate’s hat that got in the way when I played “Bobbing for Rubber Balls.”

This year I want to be a fairy princess, and wear the dress my grandma gave me last year.  Gosh, I hope it still fits.  I love that dress!  It’s made of pink chiffon and has short puffy sleeves. When I wear it, it makes me feel beautiful.  It makes me want to dance in circles on my two hind legs and pretend I’m dancing at the Princess Ball.

 Yippee!  I just  tried on the dress, and it fits.   When I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, I wondered if the long, dangling earrings and tiara might be a little too much.  It might be hard to bob for rubber balls with those crazy earrings.  I guess I could wrap my ears around the tiara, but that may look kind of silly.  Oh well, it’s Halloween. 

For the love of  jewelry,


Bandit, The Chubby Chihuahua

Meet The Newest Dog To Join The Pack!

Bandit’s Story is Now Available!

Bandit, the Chihuahua, was named by Jackson who adopted him from the animal shelter. Malcolm, the strange orange cat, befriends Bandit and welcomes him to the neighborhood. Bandit and Malcolm become true friends. Bandit’s life is changed forever by Jackson’s kindness and Malcolm’s wisdom. This adorable dog story teaches a valuable life lesson to children of all ages.






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“In Pat Postek’s second book, she reveals the wisdom of a grandmother in her choice of Bandit and Malcolm to convey essential truths.  Shining through this story is the author’s unconditional love and celebration of animals and children!”  — Patricia Lynn Reilly, Author of Words Made Flesh






By Jerry H. Moskowitz

When a friend suggested that I read this book, I was expecting just another children’s book.  Boy was I in for a surprise.  The reading is easy enough for a child but the message that each story tells is for all ages.  I found the book warm and compelling.  I couldn’t put it down until I read the whole thing.  Six Tails is a “must read” either to a child or by a child.  PS – adults will find the stories an easy review for some of life’s humanitarian lessons. Jerry H. Moskowitz

Welcome to Wagamore Productions

Welcome to Wagamore Productions


Our mission is to write and publish meaningful children’s books to enhance the lives of all children. We use animal stories to convey valuable life lessons in an entertaining and supportive way. 

Bandit, The Chubby Chihuahua, was chosen as one of three finalists for this year’s award in the children’s book category from the Colorado Authors’ League. The winner will be announced at the annual CAL banquet on Thursday, May 8.


 “Bandit, The Chubby Chihuahua” Receives a Five-Star Review 12/30/2013

This is a short simple book for pre-school and young elementary school children. It has a few good teaching elements — animal adoption, proper eating habits, exercise, friendship even when it is with a stereotyped “enemy.” The illustrations by Brad Davies are simple, colorful and well done.  The writing by the author is easily understood for the young child.  It is also an early reader of which can be read by an older sibling to younger ones.  It can be purchased in a large hard backed book with quality pages for durability. Perfect for a group reading book.  My review of this book offers a Five Stars rating.  This book was sent to me by the author for an hones review, of which I have given. 

Rockin Book Reviews



Bandit The Chubby Chihuahua


Meet The Newest Dog To Join The Pack!


Bandit’s Story is Now Available!


Bandit, the Chihuahua, was named by Jackson who adopted him from the animal shelter. Malcolm, the strange orange cat, befriends Bandit and welcomes him to the neighborhood. Bandit and Malcolm become true friends. Bandit’s life is changed forever by Jackson’s kindness and Malcolm’s wisdom. This adorable dog story teaches a valuable life lesson to children of all ages.








Our award-winning book Six Tails received the 2009 Colorado Author’s League Top Hand Award for Children’s Fiction. These six heart-warming stories, told through the experiences of six loveable canines, will touch your heart, bring a smile to your face, and inspire lots of conversation about the book’s six life lessons.


Six Tails in the News”

Six Tails received rave reviews from Macaroni Kid, which is a national newsletter with local community activities and events chapters across the United States. Read more…





Wagamore Productions publishes books
that give children the confidence they need
to embrace the uniqueness of who they are.

~Patricia Lynn Reilly, Publishing Coach


Wagamore Productions publishes
inspirational stories to assist children, parents,
and grandparents navigate life’s challenges
with confidence and optimism.

~Deanna Osborne, Marketing Professional


Six Tails by Pat Postek


for these heart-warming stories told through the experiences of six loveable canines.

What do a Fox Terrier, Yorkshire Terrier, Golden Retriever, Basenji, Basset Hound, and Poodle have in common—life lessons about change.

Cinco moves to the city. Fraiser loses his way. Stasha takes an adventure on a magic carpet ride. Barkless Bentley discovers his gifts. Fred follows his nose and discovers the joy of exploring. Lily loves jewelry.

Their “tails” will touch your life, bring a smile to your face, and inspire lots of conversation in your home about the book’s six life lessons.

Pat Postek brings together her wisdom as mother and grandmother and her special connection to dogs in this fun-filled book. It will delight and inspire children of all ages!

Six Tails is available to buy as an e-book for $6.99

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The author donates a portion of the proceeds from the sale of Six Tails to Autism Speaks. Its goal is to change the future for all who struggle with autism spectrum disorder. Visit to learn more about this organization and its mission.


My First Day of School

I moved from the country to the city this summer. Moving to the city created many changes in my life. The biggest change, besides moving, was starting at a new school. I was so nervous. My owner walked me to school this morning, but he didn’t stay with me. It’s wasn’t fun being in a strange place all by yourself when you don’t know anyone.

While I waited for my other classmates to arrive all sorts of thoughts raced through my mind. What if the class is too hard? What if I don’t like my teacher? What if she doesn’t like me? I wonder if anyone else felt that way, or was it just me.

When I walked into the classroom, my new teacher gave us a big smile, and that made me feel better. She looked so familiar to me, and then I remembered she was that nice lady from the dog park, Miss Flower.

Miss Flower introduced herself to the class, and explained all the new and exciting things we would be learning in her training class. She explained the obedience commands, and showed us how to move through an agility course. Agility is a fancy word for being able to move quickly and easily over obstacles.

I made a new friend today named, Fred. He makes me laugh. He has big, long ears and short, stubby legs. Between you and me, I think he will be the teacher’s biggest challenge.

My first day of school wasn’t so bad after all. I like my new teacher and made a new friend.

For the love of dog parks,

I’m not Going to School

I overheard my family talking about me. They said they enrolled me in an obedience and agility class. Do you know what I say to that? I’m not going! This Bassett Hound doesn’t need obedience training and forget that agility stuff. If anybody knows how to move around obstacles, it’s me. I can escape out of my yard anytime I please…now that’s agility. They will have to drag me to class.

I heard the sound of the garage door open, and Mrs. Vogel saying, “Fred, time for school.” That’s when I hid behind the couch. The problem was she found me, and picked me up and put me in the car.

When we got to the school, she made me promise to be a good dog, and walked me inside.

My new teacher made me sit down beside a dog that had spots on one side of his body. Spots are cool.

The drive to school made me thirsty, so I walked across the room to get a drink of water. My new teacher was not happy with me, because I interrupted her class. Oh well!

The dog with the spots smiled at me as I walked back to where I was sitting. I wagged my tail.

My first day of school wasn’t too much fun, but I made a new friend.

Life is good,


My first day of school was the proudest day of my life, because I was given a second chance for a better life.

I enjoy learning new things. We learned the sit and stay commands today. With a little practice, I will get better.

I couldn’t wait to get home from school to tell Malcolm all about my day.  I tell Malcolm everything; even my biggest, darkest secrets. Malcolm is my neighbor and best friend.  Yep– he’s a cat. He’s orange colored with stripes. It’s embarrassing to walk down the street with him because he’s so much bigger than I am. It amazes me how smart he is. If I study hard in school, maybe I’ll be as smart as he is.

One of the biggest life lessons I learned while I lived on the streets was to appreciate all the little things my friends take for granted. Things like having someplace to go to at the end of the day, a warm bed to sleep at night, and food and water whenever I’m hungry or thirsty.

My life has changed so much, and I need to remember to give thanks everyday.  These are the things I am grateful for today.

1. My family 

2. My home

3. Food

4. A warm bed

5. Malcolm

In gratitude,

By Kathleen Adams

Five stars and two-paws up! What a fabulous book of wagging tails and character building lessons for big children and little children, alike. —Kathleen Adams, Kennel Owner and Professional Dog Handler,